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We support your early stage startup with money, sparring and operational experience from more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience with successful exits.

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Our sweet spot

We invest in startups that address climate change, resource efficiency and waste prevention. We focus on angel and (pre)- seed stage investments in highly scalable startups led by teams that iterate quickly.

What we are here for

As founders ourselves, we know that the start-up phase is full of unknowns and uncertainty. We can help you make a difference with our own money, sparring and operational experience.

We know how it feels

From founders to founders

Michal Bartmanski
Michal Bartmanski

Michal enjoys helping teams with their technical product vision and scaling the technical team in an efficient way. As an entrepreneur he is also happy to be your CEO sparring partner. Michal's former company ENGINIETY was acquired by EPAM (a global systems integrator).

Thomas Gottheil
Thomas Gottheil

Thomas is passionate about sparring on vision, fundraising, go-to-market and sales topics. If you ask him, he probably has an unconventional idea for your topic. He was CEO of his previous company Frontastic, which was acquired by commercetools.

Henning Emmrich
Henning Emmrich

Henning was the heart and head of Frontastic's (fully remote) organization and built a high performance team as the COO, He will help you set up and/or challenge your culture and organizational model.

Make an impact

The good grow focus



The climate start-ups we can best support (apart from money) are those with a high proportion of software, as this has been our focus in the past. However, we may also be a good fit if you are developing a combined or pure hardware product or service, especially if you need support in building your organizational structure, storytelling and fundraising.

climate change



Many years of experience in eCommerce have taught us the importance of making better use of (limited) resources. We love startups that want to make better use of material and immaterial resources and address large markets (or believe that new large markets will emerge in the long term).

resource efficiency



Our years in e-commerce have sometimes led to too many unnecessary products being sold. That's why we are personally committed to supporting startups that are dedicated to eliminating waste. We can best help software-heavy startups, but we are not afraid to learn (and get to know each other) if you have little or no software focus.

waste prevention

How we operate


Our  standard ticket size is 75,000 Euro. We are happy to invest together with other business angels, early stage VCs or family offices. We will be happy to put you in touch if we are interested in investing in your startup.


On your journey, let us know if you have topics where we can help. We look forward to sparring with you and using our experience to help you make informed decisions.


Startup life means too many challenges at once. We help you find the confidence you need to build a solid and flexible organization and  a great team.

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Use the button below to send us your deck. If you already know us or have received a warm introduction, you can contact us on LinkedIn or by email. A pitch deck is essential for us, as well as the information about your company stage and the size of the funding round. In return, we promise you a quick decision, usually within two weeks.